About Counselling

About Counselling

Talking to us

Taking the time you need to look at the issues and at your thoughts and feelings can help. It can help to talk to someone who is not personally involved and who can help you find the answers to your questions. Sometimes all takes is a phone call to our helpline, but we also offer free face-to-face counselling sessions.
Your Cura counsellor can be there for you and support you as much as you need. We can give you a safe space where you can take the time you need to think things through. The counsellor will not pressure you or direct you in any way, but will let you talk about how you are feeling, and help you to make decisions about your future.

Who would my counsellor be?

At your appointment you will meet a counsellor who is working on a voluntary basis at your local Hub/Outreach. Your counsellor will not be judging you, but will be helping you to talk things through and work out any issues that arise.

Is the counsellor specially qualified in this area?

Yes. Your counsellor will have gone through our selection process and be specifically qualified in the area of crisis pregnancy counselling. See more about counsellor training here.

Where do face-to-face sessions take place?

Cura Hubs and outreaches are located nationwide, and appointments can also be arranged in your local area if none of our locations suit. You don't have to attend your nearest Hub/Outreach if you would prefer to be seen at a different location. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of appointments can vary, depending on your particular situation and needs. Sometimes one appointment is enough to put your mind at rest. We are here for you for as long as you need us.

Can I bring someone along with me?

Yes, of course. You may wish to bring a friend or family member along to the first appointment for support, or you may wish to have someone collect you after your appointment. Sometimes a couple may wish to attend together, or may receive counselling separately. It can help you feel more comfortable if it is just you and the counsellor in the room. It is up to you.

Can I talk about abortion?

Yes. Your Cura counsellor will give you the opportunity to discuss all options you wish to explore or consider in relation to a pregnancy.

Cura counsellors don’t provide contact details for abortion clinics, or information on abortion services. However you are free to discuss abortion, and your counsellor won’t tell you what to do or try to influence you, but will support you in thinking through your situation and deciding what you feel is best for you. Your counsellor will never judge, direct or pressure you. Counselling is a safe space for you to express your thoughts without worrying about what anyone will think.

Will the session be confidential?

Yes. What is said in counselling is confidential, within professional working limits on confidentiality. What that means is that if someone is at risk or in danger, or if a child protection issue arises, we cannot guarantee confidentiality, but otherwise the details of your appointments will not be disclosed.

How do I arrange it?

If you would like to talk to a counsellor, you can call our Helpline on 1850 622 626. Click here for more info on calling us.

You can also call in to one of our locations during opening hours, and meet with a counsellor face-to-face, or you can arrange an appointment for a time that suits you. 

Need To Talk To Someone?

If you’d like to talk to someone now, call our Helpline on 1850 622 626. The Helpline is answered by trained counsellors. Opening hours are 9.00am - 6.00pm Mon-Thurs, and 9.00am - 5.00pm Fri.