What happens when I call?

What happens when I call?

Who will answer the phone?

When you call us at Cura you will be speaking to a fully trained counsellor, who has received specialist training in our services. The person at the other end of the phone will be kind, reassuring, and able to talk to you over the phone, or arrange an appointment for you for a face-to-face meeting if you wish.

If you call the national Helpline, you may not neccesarily be speaking to counsellor from your local Cura Hub/Outreach, but they will be able to arrange an appointment for you locally if you would like.

Can I talk to someone over the phone or do I have to come in and see you?

It is entirely up to you. If you wish, you can speak to a trained counsellor over the phone, or if you choose to you can drop in to your nearest Service Hub or Outreach during opening hours, or make an appointment with a counsellor. Appointments can also be arranged locally to you if you are unable to travel to a Cura Hub or Outreach location. Sometimes, a phone call is enough to put your mind at rest. For others, a face to face meeting really helps.

How much will it cost?

Our Helpline is a 1850 Fixed Cost Locall number. This means that the cost to you is fixed regardless of the how long the call takes. Whether you talk to us for a minute or an hour, the cost of the call remains the same.

For example, if you call our Helpline from an Eircom landline, the whole call will cost just under 7c. Calling from a mobile may cost a bit more, ranging from 20c to 31c for the call. 

Some mobile call packages come with free minutes, but this does not include 1850 numbers. If you would prefer to call a landline number, you can find all of our local Service Hub and Outreach numbers here

Alternatively, if you would like to call us on the Helpline and give your number, the counsellor will be happy to call you right back.

Cura's face-to-face services are all free of charge, so you will not have to pay if you decide to come in and see us.

Calling from Northern Ireland or the UK

Need To Talk To Someone?

If you’d like to talk to someone now, call our Helpline on 1850 622 626. The Helpline is answered by trained counsellors. Opening hours are 9.00am - 6.00pm Mon-Thurs, and 9.00am - 5.00pm Fri.