Planned Pregnancy

Though you may have planned your pregnancy, you may be encountering difficulties you didn't expect, or things may not be going the way you thought they would. 

Sometimes it can be more difficult to talk to those closest to you.

Talking to a counsellor can help.

I’m pregnant and feel unwell

Feeling unwell can also leave you feeling tired and stressed, particularly if you don’t want to tell the people you are with that you are pregnant.

I’m worried about money

Even when planning a pregnancy, it is often difficult to estimate how much of an impact it will have on you financially.

My relationship has ended

Being pregnant when your relationship has ended in a relationship can be very challenging.

I’m worried about a friend

You might feel that your friend is in need of support, but you may be unsure as to how you can advise them.

My daughter is pregnant

You may have felt so surprised by the news that your daughter was pregnant that you reacted in a way you didn’t expect.

My partner is unhappy

Your partner may have told you how he is feeling or he may have said nothing, but you suspect that he is unhappy.

My family are unhappy

Your family may have told you that they are unhappy, or you may just suspect that this is how they are feeling.

I’d like to talk to someone

We can give you a safe space where you can take the time you need to think things through.

Free pregnancy testing

We provide pregnancy testing at all of our local centres, free of charge.

Need To Talk To Someone?

If you’d like to talk to someone now, call our Helpline on 1850 622 626. The Helpline is answered by trained counsellors. Opening hours are 9.00am - 6.00pm Mon-Thurs, and 9.00am - 5.00pm Fri.