I think I’m pregnant

I think I’m pregnant

It can be a sudden realisation that your period is late, you could be feeling symptoms of pregnancy, or it may be a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you just can’t ignore any longer. You think you might be pregnant.

What now?

You might be feeling worried, anxious, or excited. You may be scared of finding out one way or another. You could be afraid to take a test, and be putting it off. It might help to talk to someone about how you are feeling at this time.

If you think you might be pregnant and you’d like to talk to someone now, call our Helpline on 1850 622 626. The Helpline is answered by trained counsellors and you can talk to them over the phone, and if you wish, arrange to meet a counsellor face to face. You can also just drop in to your local centre during opening hours, and you do not need an appointment. Find your nearest Cura centre here

Pregnancy tests

Of course, it’s also important to find out for sure whether you are actually pregnant. You might be feeling all, or none, of these common symptoms of pregnancy.The best way to determine whether your are pregnant or not is with a pregnancy test. Tests are available to buy over the counter from pharmacies and supermarkets, from your GP, or you can take a test at your local Cura centre for free. Your Cura counsellor can support you as you learn the results. You can bring somebody with you if you want. Find out more about taking a pregnancy test with Cura here.


Your Cura counsellor will give you the opportunity to discuss all options you wish to explore or consider in relation to your pregnancy. Your counsellor won’t tell you what to do or try to influence you, but will support you in thinking through your situation and deciding what you feel is best for you. Your counsellor will never judge, direct or pressure you. Counselling is a safe space for you to express your thoughts without worrying about what anyone will think. Cura does not however, give contact details for abortion services. 

Need To Talk To Someone?

If you’d like to talk to someone now, call our Helpline on 1850 622 626. The Helpline is answered by trained counsellors. Opening hours are 9.00am - 6.00pm Mon-Thurs, and 9.00am - 5.00pm Fri.