All candidates who apply to train as a Cura counsellor engage with a selection process which involves an interview and group assessment process. Successful candidates are then offered a placed on the Cura Crisis Pregnancy Counselling training programme. The training programme consists of 92 contact hours with an experienced trainer who is an accredited psychotherapist. The training includes presentations relating to concepts relevant to the Person Centred Counselling model, counselling skills practice, personal awareness and development as well as inputs relating to relevant policies and procedures.

Trainees who successfully complete the Cura Crisis Pregnancy Training Programme consolidate their learning over a six month period with the support of a more experienced crisis pregnancy counsellor. On successful completion of this six month practice training period the trainee is deemed a qualified crisis pregnancy counsellor.

Note: You do not need previous experience or qualifications to apply to become a crisis pregnancy counsellor with Cura.
Cura does not provide opportunities for those already undertaking accredited counselling courses to engage with Cura clients as part of clinical practice requirements.

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